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We are currently working to raise funds for our friend who was recently diagnosed with testicular cancer! You can follow the link here to purchase tees, hoodies, or stickers to help offset the cost of medical expenses that we all know are involved with cancer treatments!
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Major thanks to our Salina Downtown neighbors, The Flower Nook, for giving us this special project. We worked closely with the owners to develop a graphic that was applied to the exterior of their building. The new art was even featured on the front page of our local news paper.

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New Location, New Hours

Hello friends and family!
First, I want to thank you for taking the time to ready this quick blog post. It means a lot to me that you are here!
Secondly, we are going to be moving to a new location. This is exciting, and also bittersweet! We have been at our current location over four years! We have grown and become so much more than what we were when we first opened our doors! Our new location is going to have a little construction done before we move in, just to make it perfect! Its going to be super exciting to have an Adult Content Room! We have been planing this for months! You like to cuss, we like to cuss, it makes us feel better, but don’t let the little ones hear you, because…. well, it always happens in the most public place when it happens! You KNOW what I’m talking about! We will also be adding a Pinterest Room! What’s that?! Its a party room, where we will complete fun products that are popular on Pinterest! How fun is that?! Super affordable, and we are putting together classes for you to choose from! Keep an eye out!
This brings me to the third point of this blog entry. Hours have changed! We are currently open about 20 hours a week. This will change, don’t worry. We will get back to full time hours. Take a look at hours posted on all our social media, and here on the website. We also try to keep them updated on Google. God love The Google.
Finally, friends, small business owners need you. We need you so badly right now. You were great with your support through shut downs and mandates, phases and outbreaks. Now is the time to put on your masks, and come shop. Come clear out the inventories that we purchased that are now marked down because the season is gone.
Come see us, we were isolated too, and we miss those friendly faces and happy clients!
Here is to an amazing August, full of changes and fun!
-Be Humble

Boxes, Oh! The Boxes

Friends, I have to tell you, I kind of enjoy moving. Or at least I thought I did, once upon a time. Is this something that changes as we grow into mature, adult-ish humans? I remember in my youthful days, looking for new apartments and saving boxes excitedly as if this move, THIS one, was going to lead to the very best of new things! That youthful ambition and perhaps foolishness is gone. G.O.N.E. (Although, I admit, this move is going to lead to the very best of new things in business! I can feel it!)
As I am unpacking these boxes, I realize, not only did I label them like my life depended on it, but those labels now mean nothing to me! I used two rolls too many of tape for securing these boxes, I have broken a knife blade or two, or three trying to get these cardboard safes open! And now… do I throw them out? Does some other gypsy soul need them? UGH! I struggle so!
Let me not make this sound like the boxes are all empty and waiting for me to pitch them or, um, donate them. No! They have multiplied! I promise I did not put all this stuff in all these boxes, I did not have all this stuff at our old store! Ha! I did though, I did, it’s so sad. I can not believe how much I had stuffed away and tucked here and tucked there.
It is refreshing to have all this space. We have one all to finish constructing and then I can dive into wrapping surfaces and expanding our product line! And by that time, these boxes, all these silly labeled little cardboard safes, will be gone and I will feel like I can breath a little easier!
If you have not come to see us, please take a moment to drop in! No purchase required, just a smiling face, with a mask please. City ordnance requires such things.

Another Year, and Another Move


Yeah, I said it, another move… in less than a year! But this will be our last move for quite some time, unless we are given the chance to purchase our very own building to operate out of! So where are we going you ask? Well, it’s not too far from where we are in. In fact, it’s literally across the street. Our new address will be 111 S Santa Fe Ave. It will be a lot easier to write out, that for sure! We will have a little more retail/showroom space, and we will have a lot more storage space!
Things that we have been wanting to do since the last move, like art classes and such, will now get a fair shake at actually happening!
Oh! And I’m looking to hire someone to help me out! I’m so overwhelmed with orders, I don’t know which way is up or which end is down! It’s a double edged blessing for sure!
All great things happening! Just wanted to keep everyone up to date on events in our world! Hope life is starting to spin in a fun fashion again for everyone out there! See you soon!


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Streit Sandblasting and StickIT Vinyl Graphics is the Midwest’s only known, professional graphic design company and creative shop combined with piratical and artistic sandblasting, creating a single stop solution for all your business and home needs when it comes to personalized, one of a kind products. No minimums on most orders, and no quantity is too large. We are professionals that take pride in everything we do from cleaning rust off automotive parts, to applying impacting graphics to your new store windows. We are custom, made easy.